Lazzarini Design Unveils Flying Car Concept with Upbeat, Retro Theme

Lazzarini Design Unveils Flying Car Concept with Upbeat, Retro Theme

Author: Michael Cheng   

Flying car concepts have been popping up left and right in the past six months, as businesses attempt to woo investors into funding their futuristic projects. Other groups, like Lazzarini Design, are interested in showcasing their artistic capabilities through upbeat drawings and representations. 

In line with such motives, the European design firm recently published a flying car concept with strong retro influence. The hovercraft operates like a drone and utilizes a space-like body, packed with smooth, circular patterns.

"Thus, none of today's flying car or VTOL concepts look nearly as stunning as Lazzarini Design's vision. If the human race ever does perfect the notion of a flying car, we certainly hope designers do their part to create eye-catching machines," said Sean Szymkowski from Motor Authority.

Hovering Over Cities in Style

When it comes to flying cars, looks aren't everything. Under the hood, the concept unit is powered by four robust jet engines located at every corner, which allows the aircraft to travel at a maximum speed of 342 mph. Adjustable flaps below the chassis provides stability and control during operation. Although the vehicle measures 4.5 meters in length, there does not seem to be a lot of space inside the unit.

"Inspired by the Isotta Fraschini, a full blood Italian legend, here at Lazzarini Design we played with our imagination to relaunch the brand in a futuristic way. And no wheels needed," said the company. "The Hover Coupe maintains the soft lines, yet is powered by four turbine engine, similar to the ones in use in commercial planes, but smaller in diameter at 50 cm."

Lazzarini Design did not commit to a production timeline for the concept car. With this in mind, it is likely that the aircraft will never leave the initial design stage. Instead, the unit may serve as inspiration for future manufacturers of flying cars.

The company also specializes in land-based concept vehicles. So far, designers have released sketches of a three-wheel pod called Nemo and an electric, circular shuttle capable of holding up to four passengers per trip (called Futuro).

Lazzarini's UFO 2.0 and IFO Concepts

The Rome-based design firm is responsible for publishing several other concepts in the transportation sector. The agency recently released a drawing of a personal transportation pod called IFO, which closely resembles a flying saucer. According to the company, the IFO is ideal for personal transportation around the city.

Perhaps the most interesting concept to come from Lazzarini Design is the UFO 2.0. The circular aircraft doubles as a flying house for families and can be docked at various locations – from the ocean to a helipad.

Moreover, the UFO 2.0 can travel underwater, making it the ultimate transportation vehicle for all types of terrains and outdoor environments. At sea, the concept unit may also function as a boat or yacht. When used for such purposes, a compact jet can be released into the water for recreation or patrolling. On land, the pod (called the Seajet Capsule) can also be equipped with wheels for modular operation.

Michael Cheng
Michael Cheng
Michael Cheng is a legal editor and technical writer with publications for Blackberry ISHN Magazine Houzz and Payment Week. He specializes in technology business and digesting hard data. Outside of work Michael likes to train for marathons spend time with his daughter and explore new places.
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