Fisker EMotion Electric Sedan with Solid State Battery Debuts at CES

Fisker EMotion Electric Sedan with Solid State Battery Debuts at CES

Author: Eric Walz   

LAS VEGAS — With Tesla stealing most of the attention in the electric car market, its tough to stand out in a crowded field. Meanwhile, Fisker has been quietly working on it's standout luxury electric sedan for the past several years. Now the result of that work is being displayed for the first time at CES.

Fisker, founded by Henrik Fisker, is known for designing the Aston Martin DB9 and the BMW Z8 sports car, as well as his failed Fisker Karma earlier this decade. He has returned with this new electric car.

The car is called the EMotion sedan and at first look reminds me of a Porsche Panorama. Although with its $130,000 luxury price tag, you can get yourself a well built Porsche, so Fisker needs to deliver on the EMotion. Aside from that, the car's solid state battery is an industry first.

The car's battery is said by Fisker to have the "world-highest energy density" used in any electric car. It is said to have 2.5-times the energy density of a lithium-ion battery. The car's solid-state graphene battery is capable of adding 125 miles of range with just nine minutes of charging.

Speaking to Autocar, founder Henrik Fisker talked about the a potential barrier smasher in its new graphene batteries versus lithium-ion as used by other automakers.

"It used to be about the efficiency of the gasoline engine," said Fisker. "Now, it's all about who breaks the code and smashes the barriers to future battery technologies that will enable mass market electrification."


Fisker plans on bringing the car to market in 2019, and is said to have a 400-mile range and a top speed of 161 mph. Additionally, the founder says the car will be autonomous-capable and able to connect to the environment around it. Lidar sensors are mounted in front to assist in mapping and identifying objects.

The EMotion will feature four butterfly doors and the cab is as far forward as possible on the car. The unique packaging requirements for the batteries and powertrain allow the company to maximize interior space.

Fisker is not resting on its laurels. The company recently filed patent applications on improved battery technology that will allow 500 miles of range and a charge time of just one minute. Fisker says that technology could be ready for automotive platforms as early as 2023.

Here are some pictures of the EMotion:





Eric Walz
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