Munro Motor Displays its Retro-Styled E-Bike at CES

Munro Motor Displays its Retro-Styled E-Bike at CES

Author: Eric Walz   

LAS VEGAS — Munro Motor brought its line of small electric bikes to CES this week. The Chinese company has developed a cool, retro-styled e-bike called the Munro 2.0. The bike is styled after the iconic Indian Motorcycles and the company is named after Burt Munro, who set a land speed record on an Indian motorcycle at the Bonneville Salt Flats in the 1960s.

One thing different about this e-bike is that is doesn't have pedals — no pedaling is required, the bike has a throttle just like a real motorcycle.


The bike is designed to be ridden like a motorcycle, and includes foot pegs to rest your feet on. For comfort, the bike has front and rear shocks for a stable ride. The bikes weights about 35 kg.

The 2.0's battery is hidden behind a compartment which is designed to look like a vintage, twin-cylinder motorcycle engine. The battery can be removed for charging. Each of the bike's battery packs comes with a handy USB socket so you can charge your phone or other accessories while riding around town.

The bike has a Bosch electric motor in the rear wheel and space for two battery packs. The Bosch motor is capable of speeds of 45 kilometers per hour and a range of up to 48 kilometers per charge (per battery pack). With the optional dual battery packs, the range extends to 60 miles before needing to be charged.

The company has gone out of its way to create a bike that will stay looking sharp. All the paint is covered in UV-protected clear coats to make sure it will keep its polished look. The bike is available in several color schemes and different handlebar options. Munro hopes to start selling its bikes in the U.S. this year. Ruby Men, marketing director at Munro, said the bike will be priced around $2000 dollars in the U.S.


Eric Walz
Eric Walz
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