Navya Debuts AUTONOM CAB at CES, Will Partner With Via on New Autonomous Ride-Sharing App

Navya Debuts AUTONOM CAB at CES, Will Partner With Via on New Autonomous Ride-Sharing App

Author: Eric Walz   

LAS VEGAS —   Globally renowned autonomous vehicle maker NAVYA and Via, a leading developer of on-demand shared ride technology,  announced at CES yesterday a new offering that will greatly enhance both the convenience, safety and user experience of autonomous vehicle rides.

NAVYA introduced the AUTONOM CAB for the first time in North America at CES this week with live demonstrations in the downtown Las Vegas Innovation District. As a valued partner, Keolis will be the first to operate the AUTONOM CAB in North America.

Using the Via app, now integrated with the technology within NAVYA's AUTONOM CAB, customers can easily and securely book and control their autonomous vehicle travel experience right from their smartphone.

Passengers Connect to the AUTOCAB Using the Via App

via app.jpg

The Via App

The Via app controls the rider's "handshake" with an autonomous vehicle. With just a tap on the Via app, passengers can request a ride in NAVYA's AUTONOM CAB, control the vehicle's door opening once it arrives at the pickup spot, and command it to close the door and begin the ride once they're safely aboard. Additionally, passengers can select their choice of music, connect to the on-board WiFi and engage with other amenities of the AUTONOM CAB, or simply choose to work.

"Via has developed the operating system that will power the autonomous vehicle fleets of the future, with dynamic routing and efficient matching of multiple passengers going in the same direction. We're excited to demonstrate for the first time how Via's shared ride technology seamlessly integrates with autonomous vehicles. We are especially thrilled to launch our first AV demonstration with NAVYA, a company that shares our vision for a future of sustainable, shared transportation," says Daniel Ramot, Co-founder and CEO of Via.

NAVYA's recently unveiled AUTONOM CAB, a breakthrough vehicle without a traditional cockpit or steering wheel, is 100% autonomous, electric, and optimized for private and shared rides for up to six passengers.


The AUTOCAB is recognizable with its modern, contoured body. Outside, AUTONOM CAB has a colored light band that communicates with its passengers, the person who ordered and commands the cab, and pedestrians. Inside, the glass compartment provides users with a panoramic view of the city.

"NAVYA and Via share a vision of helping cities overcome the challenges of pollution and congestion by fluidifying the traffic flow. NAVYA has designed the AUTONOM CAB specifically for private and shared rides, while Via is revolutionizing urban transit with its exceptional shared ride algorithm. We're very excited to launch such a partnership through our interoperable network system that brings these two companies together and adds another way for customers to access our CAB," says Christophe Sapet, NAVYA CEO.

Eric Walz
Eric Walz
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