Ujet Reveals Stylish Electric Scooter with 93 Mile Range at CES 2018

Ujet Reveals Stylish Electric Scooter with 93 Mile Range at CES 2018

Author: Eric Walz   

LAS VEGAS -- At CES this week, Ujet unveiled its first product, the Ujet electric scooter, which is set to redefine urban mobility with a stylish, easy and practical way back to get around. The cool looking scooter looks it could be sold at an Apple store, with its minimalistic design. The stylish scooter combines smart connectivity and high performance materials typically found in the aerospace sector with clean technology and refined design, making it the most advanced in its class.

Ujet is pioneering an innovative way for individuals to move around cities, while addressing today's urban mobility issues of traffic congestion and pollution. The electric scooter is the first of the leading-edge products the company hopes to build to improve mobility, convenience, and sustainability in the future.

Improving Navigation in Busy Cities

City populations around the world are growing exponentially as new residents relocate to be a part of the urban experience. In 2016, an estimated 55 percent of the world's population lives in urban areas, and this number is growing.

With this rapid growth, city residents are facing challenges that reduce their comfort of life. More traffic not only increases the difficulty of navigating through city streets, but also rapidly increases greenhouse gas emissions, air and noise pollution. Existing urban mobility solutions are not addressing increased congestion and pollution. Ujet hopes its new electric scooter will help makes cities more livable.

"With more of us than ever living in cities, it's never been more important to make urban environments a place in which people enjoy to live," said Hugues Despres, CEO Ujet International. "As a result, Ujet is focused on providing urbanites with great products that help them get around their city with style and ease. Our electric scooter is a perfect example of that with complete connectivity, advanced materials and unparalleled design that pays attention to every single detail. Its compact size occupies much less space for driving and parking, and represents a fast mode of transportation, and the portable battery eliminates the need for charging stations, giving urbantes the freedom to navigate their urban environments efficiently and effortlessly. And, with sustainability at the heart of our brand, Ujet has an important role to play in creating a better future. Our electric scooter is the first of many future products that will bring the Ujet philosophy to life."


Key features of the Ujet Electric Scooter

All elements of the Ujet electric scooter were built to be friendly to the user and environment. It offers a high performance smart battery available in two sizes with an estimated range up to 70 km (approximately 43 mi) or 150 km (approximately 93 mi), and can be charged from any regular power socket. The battery is about the size of a cabin-size suitcase and is removable, portable, and rollable like luggage, allowing for easy and convenient transport.

For smart and easy control, riders can control their Ujet electric scooter directly through their iOS or Android app. Riders can unlock their scooters with their smartphone, receive step-by-step directions to where it is parked, share it remotely with friends and family, and can disable it remotely if the anti-theft protection sends a warning that the scooter has moved without their command.

The app allows riders to monitor scooter performance, including battery level, mileage, saved carbon dioxide emissions, and more. The app also provides easy access to customer support, including the location of nearby service shops, and the ability to easily communicate with a dedicated support team.

Additionally, a personalized touch interface provides easy access to navigation, voice control, music streaming, telephony functions. The scooter includes a front-facing HD camera, which can take video that can be later downloaded and transferred. When in motion, riders can access basic functionality of the interface using buttons on the handlebars, allowing them to focus on the road without distractions.

On-Board Connectivity & Diagnostics

The Ujet scooter also hosts numerous connectivity options, including SIM card with 3G connection, GPS, WiFi and Bluetooth. By actively collecting and processing the data from over 20 sensors, it can even alert the rider if there is a potential issue with any of the scooter's key components.

The Ujet electric scooter is equipped with the lightest tire in its class – the world's first nano-augmented tire containing single-wall carbon nanotubes, the tire is equipped with strong materials that provide unprecedented performance and safety. The advanced materials within the tire increases wet and dry grip by 2 times, for increases traction. The spoke-less orbital wheel includes a suspension system and larger diameter lightweight brakes, which offers a smooth ride.

The Ujet electric scooter weighs 43 kg (95 lbs).The frame includes alloy and carbon fiber composite which is up to 40% lighter than aluminum. The entire scooter can easily be folded up for transport, and lifted to store in the trunk of a car.


Striking a balance between the high performance technology and an eye-catching, iconic design was a goal for Ujet. When designing the electric scooter, the Ujet team turned to the organic shapes in nature, paired with contemporary architecture for inspiration. The asymmetrical and sculptural frame make the scooter look bold but also easy to handle, and the ability to quickly and easily fold and store the scooter adds to its convenience.

The Ujet electric scooter is available in the Diamond or Curved shape, with a low or high seat and small or large battery, in six colors, including Concorde White, SoHo Grey, Piccadilly Blue, Uptown Black, Bel Air Blue, and Shibuya Gold – giving every city dweller the ability to enjoy the urban mobility experience and the freedom to travel with ease.

Matching Accessories

The first accessories for the electric scooter are also available, including a helmet, leather gloves and fast charger. The Ujet helmet offers leading-class protection and safety, while incorporating unique style of the Ujet. Available in the same six colors of the scooter's body, the helmet can accommodate standard hands-free communication or a special Ujet microphone with speakers.

The Ujet touch-screen gloves, made of real leather and available in two styles and different sizes for both men and women, offer users increased protection and warmth, while being a stylish accessory at the same time.

A optional Ujet fast charger allows users to decrease the full battery charging time to one hour and 30 minutes for the small battery and to three hours for the large battery.


The scooter includes a smartphone holder

Ujet plans to launch the electric scooter in many European cities (Paris, Milan, Barcelona, Madrid, Rome, Luxembourg, Amsterdam) in the first half of 2018, followed by the U.S. (starting with California and Florida) as well as China in the second half of 2018. The price for the Ujet electric scooter will be targeted at around $8,900 USD for the small battery, and $9,990 USD for the large battery. Reservations are now open at

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