BMW Opens its New Campus Dedicated to Autonomous Driving

BMW Opens its New Campus Dedicated to Autonomous Driving

Author: Jacky Ho   

German automaker BMW has taken a big step forward in preparing for the autonomous cars of the future. The BMW Group opened its new campus dedicated to autonomous driving research and development near Munich. The facility is a state-of-the-art center offers greater opportunity for innovation and increased development efficiency so BMW can secure its future as the automotive industry evolves to battery-powered, autonomous vehicles.

The decision to open the campus was made just 15 months ago. The BMW Group took the decision to pool together its development expertise in the fields of vehicle connectivity and autonomous driving at a single location. The campus, which offers 23,000 square meters of office space with room for 1,800 employees was built in record time.

The BMW Group is intended to ramp up its development of highly automated vehicles with the new campus, located in Unterschleißheim, Germany and is looking to recruit IT specialists and software developers in the areas of artificial intelligence, machine learning and data analysis.


The Electric BMW i-Vision Dynamic Concept

The autonomous driving campus is designed as a  "new working environments" and was designed with an open-plan layout, intelligent and flexible use of office space, and a multifaceted and creative workplace.

BMW flexibility, efficiency, a high level of autonomy and short distances. For example, a software developer working at the new campus can immediately test out freshly written code in a vehicle that is steps away.

The new working environments go hand in hand with a new employee and management culture at BMW, where managers work in the same open-plan office spaces as their staff. This enhances interaction and facilitates communications, resulting in effective teamwork in the development of highly complex products.The BMW Group is the first company in the automotive industry to apply the agile working model, where people work together more efficiently. in this case across autonomous driving and driver assistance, from the research phase all the way through to series production development. Agile working models form a crucial basis for efficient, future-proof development.

This is a time of disruptive change in the automotive industry, with the arrival of new electric car companies are making the competitive environment ever more challenging for traditional automakers.

With the pace of innovation is accelerating rapidly, a modern working environment and flexible, agile workflows are key to an employer's attractiveness in recruiting top talent. A cutting-edge development facility such as the new campus for autonomous driving therefore represents a crucial asset for BMW's long-term sustainability and innovative capability.

Last month, the BMW Group has said it expects to spend its largest annual sum ever on research and development (R&D) during 2018. The company is set to spend as much as 7 billion euros ($8.6 billion) this year as it ramps up its presence in electric and autonomous vehicles.

Jacky Ho
Jacky Ho
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