EVgo to Build a Dedicated Fast Charging Network for GM's Maven Unit

EVgo to Build a Dedicated Fast Charging Network for GM's Maven Unit

Author: Eric Walz   

LOS ANGELES — EVgo, which operates the largest U.S. network of public electric vehicle (EV) DC Fast charging stations, today announced an agreement with Maven, General Motors' car-sharing platform, to construct a dedicated DC fast charging network available to Maven Gig drivers.

The Maven Gig platform is a part of Maven's mobility services. It offers drivers working for ride-sharing and delivery services, such as Uber, Lyft and DoorDash, affordable short term car rentals, so they can use one of Maven's fleet of electric Chevy Bolts instead of their own vehicle.

For $229 per week, drivers can rent a Chevy Bolt EV through which includes insurance, unlimited miles, free charging and regular maintenance. Using EVgo's new charging network, Uber and Lyft drivers using one of Maven's electric Chevy Bolts will now have access to their own dedicated EV charging network.

"EVgo is committed to working with fleet EV owners and operators to make charging quick and easy," said Cathy Zoi, EVgo CEO. "Maven Gig EV Bolt on-demand drivers will have access to a dedicated EVgo fast charging network so they can fully charge in the time it takes to eat lunch."

"Maven makes carsharing for the gig economy easier," said Julia Steyn, vice president, General Motors Urban Mobility and Maven. "Maven Gig members have driven nearly 9 million electric miles. We're excited to make charging seamless with our partner, EVgo."


Maven Gig is available in major metro areas including Austin, Baltimore, Boston, Los Angeles, Phoenix, San Francisco and Washington, DC, which plans for expansion to other major cities.

Today, Maven drivers can use public EVgo fast chargers in San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Boston, Washington DC, Baltimore, and Austin. EVgo's new dedicated network for Maven will expand to hundreds of charging stations in Maven markets across the country.

EV use is growing rapidly in rideshare fleets. Ride-share drivers can easily log more than 50,000 miles per year and require frequent charging. These drivers can benefit greatly from EVGo's charging network.

EVgo operates the largest public DC fast charging network in the country, with more than 1,000 fast chargers in 66 of the top-selling automotive metro areas in the US and supports all current charging standards.

Each month, EVgo chargers are used by more than 65,000 EV drivers. EVgo's fast chargers are approximately eight times faster than a conventional Level 2 charger. The chargers work with all EV models on the market that accept DC Fast Charging.

In 2017, EVGo providing the equivalent 40 million miles of emissions-free electric driving, a more than 50 percent year-over-year increase compared to the approximately 26 million miles fast charged by EVgo's network in 2016.

Eric Walz
Eric Walz
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