'UK explores use of innovative speed cameras to curb speeding'

'UK explores use of innovative speed cameras to curb speeding'

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Road safety authorities in the UK have issued a warning about the potential introduction of new anti-braking speed cameras. These cameras are designed to discourage drivers from trying to avoid penalties for speeding by braking abruptly and then rapidly accelerating.

The success of similar devices in Spain has led road safety experts, including Road Angel, to advocate for their implementation in the UK. After a successful pilot scheme, the anti-braking devices were officially rolled out in the Navarra region of North-East Spain in early 2020. They proved effective in detecting and catching motorists attempting to evade fines for speeding, prompting experts to believe that similar technology could be applied in the UK.

Many drivers have been known to forcefully brake just before a speed camera to temporarily comply with the speed limit, only to accelerate again immediately afterwards. This practice allows them to avoid fines, licence points, and other penalties. However, modern technology, such as laser systems and 'doppler effect technology', has been developed to make it harder for drivers to evade punishment by accurately recording a vehicle's speed.

In addition to the potential introduction of anti-braking speed cameras, the UK has already implemented average speed cameras that calculate the average speed of a vehicle between two points. In Spain, the Government has taken further precautions by implementing anti-braking radars and cascading technology. Cascading involves placing a mobile radar unit at a significant distance after a fixed speed camera to detect drivers who speed up again after passing the initial camera. Those caught in this trap may face substantial fines and licence points.

The proposed anti-braking systems in the UK would utilize a mobile device positioned before the fixed speed camera to identify drivers who brake forcefully upon seeing the camera. This means that motorists who brake harshly upon spotting the speed camera have already been detected by the preceding mobile device.

Gary Digva, Founder of Road Angel, has warned UK drivers that these new anti-braking systems could be used nationwide to control speeding. He emphasizes that the introduction of these devices would catch and penalize more speeding motorists, encouraging drivers to stick to legal limits and improve road safety. Digva also highlights the alarming statistic that one in four fatal collisions in the UK are caused by speeding, resulting in over 2,500 serious injuries each year. He believes that introducing this new technology will help keep UK roads safer by penalizing more motorists who exceed the legal limit.

FutureCar Staff
FutureCar Staff
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