Toyota Debuts Groundbreaking FT-AC Concept Adventure Vehicle at the LA Auto Show

Toyota Debuts Groundbreaking FT-AC Concept Adventure Vehicle at the LA Auto Show

Author: Eric Walz   

LOS ANGELES — Toyota unveiled a groundbreaking new concept vehicle today at the Los Angeles Auto Show. The SUV is designed for active lifestyles and includes innovative features such as an integrated rear bike rack that folds into the bumper and is concealed when not in use.

The FT-AC can be connected to a smartphone app to control functions such as lighting. The truck has cameras mounted in the side mirrors that can record video and photos from the vehicle while driving—all controlled via the app. The infrared cameras on the side mirrors can record trail runs and, like the fog lights, can be removed and mounted off-vehicle.

An integrated Wi-Fi hotspot automatically uploads footage to cloud-based storage where real-time editing and posting can be accessed via mobile device. The Wi-Fi connectivity gives adventure-goers the ability to livestream the fun to fans and followers on social media.

For night adventures, roof mounted led lighting functions as a flash for the camera. There is also front LED lights which can be removed and act as a handheld flashlight to see in the dark. The lights can also be attached to mountain bike for a night ride.

The pronounced, wide, black, front grille is flanked with bright LED headlights. Fog lights brighten the road ahead during foul weather or poor conditions and can even be taken out from their pods and used as portable flashlights.


The rear bike rack retracts into the bumper and is concealed when not in use

FT-AC was designed around a long wheelbase and wide track to help emphasize its powerful stance. Extra wide fender flares provide body shielding and look as if they float above the 20-inch wheels and beefier all-terrain tires, both of which help accentuate its commanding look. The FT-AC's generous ground clearance provide drivers with more options for off-road driving.

The safari-style cargo roof rack system can haul all types of adventure gear. LED marker lights at its front corners can provide ambient lighting around the vehicle, brighten the trail ahead or, if desired, act as a flash for the side mirrors' embedded cameras.

The roof rack's rear-facing LED lights also aid nighttime visibility and can be controlled via mobile device as well. Lastly, drivers and passengers can utilize FT-AC's geolocation capabilities for directions back to basecamp.

Toyota envisioned the truck to have torque-vectoring all wheel drive. With all of these features, the FT-AC has all the ingredients for your next adventure.

Eric Walz
Eric Walz
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