PSA Group Announces New Electric Car Division

PSA Group Announces New Electric Car Division

Author: Michael Cheng   

PSA Group, which consists of Opel, Peugeot, DS and Citroen (among others), is ready to participate in the EV race. Earlier this month, the auto manufacturer announced the launching of a dedicated EV arm, called the Low Emissions Vehicles Business Unit.

The main focus of the division is to facilitate the successful transition into the electrified era. This includes the company's plans to become more active in commercial mobility services, though its Free2move mobility brand (offered in Madrid, Spain as of December 2016).

Moreover, the automaker will likely distribute its future EV offerings worldwide, as the establishment has been expanding into new markets and locations, such as India and Canada, in the past two years.

Low Emission Vehicles Business Unit

Although late for the party, PSA Group's announcement should be taken seriously. The business is currently Europe's second largest car producer. It acquired this title after the acquisition of Vauxhall and Opel from General Motors. With that being said, the auto brand has the pockets to streamline its EV goals via acquisitions and partnerships with other businesses in the nascent space.

"The energy transition is an opportunity that our company has seized by launching an unprecedented technological offensive made possible by our multi-energy platforms," said Linda Jackson, Chief Executive Officer of Citroën.

"The challenge for this Business Unit, which benefits from an experience built up over several years within the Group, will be to provide the best vehicles at the best time to satisfy our customers and thereby ensure the best economic conditions for launching PSA Group's electric vehicles into the market."

Part of the new EV division will help the manufacturer meet its clean energy objectives. Additionally, members of the Low Emissions Vehicles Business Unit are tasked with meeting customer expectations. This likely includes enhancements to EV battery performance and availability of EV charging stations.

New EV Goals

PSA Group intends to electrify its existing lineup of vehicles across several car brands. If everything goes according to plan, the company's first EV will be released on a commercial level by 2019. According to the business, its entire range of vehicles should be electrified by 2025.

Surprisingly, PSA Group is ahead of its competitors, when it comes to deployment of EV charging infrastructure. The company has taken an aggressive approach in expanding its ChargeMyPeugeot and ChargeMyCitroën services.

At the moment, customers of PSA Group are provided access to over 6,360 EV charging hubs across France (the company's headquarters is located in Paris), with 460 of the units equipped with fast charging features. It is currently adding more stations in the area, aiming to reach 9,000 charging locations in the country by 2018.

As mentioned earlier, automotive veterans, like PSA Group and Volkswagen, can afford to be late in entering the EV sector. Such businesses are already well established and have a reliable track record in meeting strict production quotas. Lastly, the companies have a vast distribution network they can tap into, which ensures their EV offerings will reach customers in a timely manner.

Michael Cheng
Michael Cheng
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