Porsche to Introduce Two New Plug-in Hybrid Models

Porsche to Introduce Two New Plug-in Hybrid Models

Author: Manish Kharinta   

German sportscar manufacturer Porsche has revealed its plans for the next-generation 911 models. The new car will be a plug-in hybrid and will mark Porsche 911's next generation. Recently an unnamed Insider from the company leaked a rumor indicating that there might be another model lined up to join the Porsche 911 range. 

The new models will include a top of the line performance variant and the standard base plug-in hybrid model.

The standard plug-in 911 is likely to sit above the base Porsche Carrera variant in the company's lineup of luxury sportscars. The new electric sportscar might share its hybrid technology with the company is Cayenne e-hybrid SUV. 

The anonymous source also mentioned that with the incorporation of this technology, the powertrain layout of the car will receive an electric motor which will sit between the gas-powered engine and transmission. 

The electric motor will work in tandem with the gas engine and will take on the duties of providing additional power to the car and will overall assist the sportscars in reducing carbon emissions. It was also rumored that Porsche is planning on setting up the car's powertrain with a concentration on performance rather than improved efficiency. It is also likely that the upcoming models will also get all-wheel drive setups.


The top of the range performance hybrid model of 911 is likely to be available alongside the Turbo and Turbo S variants. The company currently uses the same strategy for its Panamera range. 

The hybrid Panamera is placed in the mid-range of the car's lineup, whereas the Turbo S e-hybrid is offered as the top of the range model along with a gas only turbo model which is position between the two cars in the lineup.

Porsche is catering to the demand of hybrid sportscars but is also worried about the concerns that enthusiasts have about the much-revered gas powered performance machines. The Insider also revealed that Porsche does not intent on using its hybrid technology on the future iterations of GT2 and GT3 models. 

Oliver Blume, the CEO of Porsche also issued a statement and confirmed that the hybrid 911 will not be launched until the next generation model receives its mid-cycle refresh. He also indicated that the company does not believe that its battery technology is ready to be incorporated into the upcoming sportscar yet. 

Blume also revealed that the new model might get a powerplant which will capable of producing a peak power output in the close vicinity of 700 bhp and therefore insinuated that the more powerful PHEV variant might hit the showrooms first.

Manish Kharinta
Manish Kharinta
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