Wipro Forges Partnership with Genesys to Boost Autonomous Vehicle Projects

Wipro Forges Partnership with Genesys to Boost Autonomous Vehicle Projects

Author: Michael Cheng   

India's autonomous driving sector is positioning itself for rapid growth. Major companies, including Genesys International and Wipro, are forming collaborations to streamline various aspects of development in the space.

The two businesses revealed their partnership intentions through a signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) earlier this month. In the agreement, Genesys will contribute HD maps and content, while Wipro will build navigational and control components associated with the driverless platform.

Partnership Details

The announcement about the partnership received positive feedback from the public. Genesys experienced a five percent increase in stock price, which reflected the impact of the news. The company views mapping opportunities in the autonomous driving sector to reach $10 billion in the future. Self-driving cars will use robust maps to enhance navigational capabilities.

One of the first projects the duo will take on is the mapping of Wipro's main facility. The HD map will be incorporated with the company's autonomous fleet, which is being tested in the location.

"This partnership enhances Wipro's offering in the autonomous system market and reinforces our ability to support the initiative of our global customers," said KR Sanjiv, Chief Technology Officer at Wipro.

Wipro is based in India, with its headquarters firmly established in Bengaluru. Founded in 1945, the IT giant consists of multiple divisions, specializing in consumer lighting systems, engineering services and medical systems.

In the country, Wipro is working on several projects, such as the testing of telecommunications equipment with the Department of Telecommunication (India) and leading automaker Hyundai.

The project is designed to support the local government's plans to regulate the testing of electronics. Hyundai, which operates a testing site for motor vehicles in the country, intends to expand its existing services to cater to telecommunications equipment. The Seoul-based car manufacturer has been producing and selling vehicles in India for more than 20 years.

Expansion Plans

Genesys and Wipro's plans to expand its collaboration and products to come out of the partnership are still unclear. So far, we know that the companies are holding discussions with other businesses in the automotive sector. Previously, Genesys worked with US-based companies on HD mapping projects; hence talks with international auto brands could be on the table.

"We are in discussions with auto-makers, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and various product/services companies in the autonomous vehicle eco-system to partner and provide value-based services," highlighted Kuldeep Moholkar, CEO-Designate at Genesys.

"The company is ready to undertake HD map creation for a large volume of work involving counties, states, and even entire countries."

Genesys has already accrued essential HD-mapping experience in the field. The company recently completed the creation of HD maps of local roads (total of 746+ miles) around a busy location known for hosting senior citizens and retirement communities. The HD maps were made for an autonomous fleet that will serve local residents.

When the project is complete, individuals will be able to summon a driverless vehicle at any location within the service area. When generating images for mapping content, Genesys relies on point-cloud technology (LIDAR).

Michael Cheng
Michael Cheng
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