EV Startup Faraday Future Moves its Headquarters to China

EV Startup Faraday Future Moves its Headquarters to China

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Evergrande Health Industry Group Limited, which owns a 45 percent of electric vehicle startup Faraday Future (FF), announced today that the struggling EV startup has left southern California and moved its operating headquarters to China.

The newly-established headquarters, called Evergrande Faraday Future Intelligent Automotive (China) Co., Ltd, will take charge of the technology R&D, as well as FF's production, operation and management in China, focusing on boosting the application of foremost new energy vehicle (NEV) technologies in the world's largest auto market.

According to the announcement, FF plans to build five R&D and production facilities in China over the next ten years. In addition, FF plans to achieve a planned annual capacity of 5 million vehicles after 10 years and will roll out diverse models, such as the FF91 and the FF81, covering premium to entry-level segments for the global auto market, to build an internet-based intelligent mobility ecosystem.

Meanwhile, Evergrande Health said the first FF91 car body arrived from FF's assembly facility in Hanford, California, where the complete vehicle assembly has officially started. The electric automaker is simultaneously conducting various tests, including engineering tests, to ensure it completes the first batch of FF91 vehicles by the first quarter of next year.


The Faraday Future FF91 (image source Engadget)

FF launched in 2015 with the promise to deliver an electric vehicle, the FF91, with the performance of a Tesla and advanced technology, including autonomous driving. However, the cash-strapped company struggled to design and deliver the FF91.

Last spring, FF hired former BMW exec, Stefan Krause as chief financial officer. However, Krause abruptly left the company last fall and recruited FF employees to open his own electric-car startup EVelozcity, which prompted an intellectual-property lawsuit.

The FF91 electric vehicle is full-size luxury EV crossover and Faraday Future's first production vehicle and flagship model. According to the company, the FF 91 can go from 0-60 mph in 2.39 seconds while delivering a 378 mile-range.

The FF91 will also include self-driving technology and all-electric power. It's also equipped with over 30 smart sensors and a motion-enabled 3D LIDAR that enables valet parking, facial recognition, and other advanced technology.

In June, FF confirmed it has received $2 billion in funding. The investment may finally help FF to deliver its first mass-market electric vehicle.

FutureCar Staff
FutureCar Staff
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