Ford Reveals Electric Mustang SUV, Artist Follows Up With Raptor Rendering

Ford Reveals Electric Mustang SUV, Artist Follows Up With Raptor Rendering

Author: Mia Bevacqua   

In an effort to kill off most of its cars, Ford is replacing the Focus sedan with a crossover, called the Focus Active. Will the Mustang share a similar fate? It's possible, especially since an all-electric crossover version of the pony car was just announced.

Given the current SUV mania, it comes as no surprise Ford is considering a jacked up, electrified version of the Mustang. Although, so far, nothing more than a teaser image of the vehicle has been released. There's no concept car, no photographs – none of that. Just a rendering of a high roofline vehicle sporting three-bar Mustang taillights, masked by a shroud of darkness.

According to Ford, the quasi-Mustang will have a 300-mile range, should it see production. As of now, its supposed release date is 2020 – just two years away. The Detroit automaker promises the vehicle is legit, and that it will be built at the company's Mexico plant. 

Initially, the car was to be called the Mach 1, but Mustang owners didn't like hearing the revered moniker applied to an electric crossover. 

News of Mustang-SUV mashup comes shortly after Ford made a promise to produce 40 new hybrid and electric vehicles by 2022. Team Edison is the name given to the R&D team responsible for making those vehicles a reality.

"The stakes are high," Darren Palmer, said Ford's Team Edison global product development director. "We are being tasked to set the future trajectory of the company, and Team Edison is up for that challenge."

It's very likely the next-generation Mustang Crossover will also house Ford's upcoming infotainment system. Consumers are continuously demanding larger, faster touchscreen displays.

In anticipation of the upcoming pony car SUV, X-Tomi Design has drafted a Raptor version of the concept. The rendering features a Mustang body sitting on top of a raised chassis and gnarly off-road tires. Raptor styling cues, such as prominent fender flares and a blacked-out front grille, have been added throughout.

Of course, if a Raptor version came to fruition, it would likely ditch the electric drivetrain in favor of a gas-power V8 engine. At least, with eight-cylinder power on tap, Mustang purists might not be so brokenhearted.

Sources: Forbes, X-Tomi Design

Mia Bevacqua
Mia Bevacqua
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