Zero Reveals its 2019 Electric Motorcycle Lineup

Zero Reveals its 2019 Electric Motorcycle Lineup

Author: Mia Bevacqua   

Right outside Silicon Valley, you'll find the city of Santa Cruz, home to all-electric motorcycle manufacturer, Zero. The company has come a long way since its first prototype was introduced in 2006 and now, it's ready to unleash its 2019 lineup. Upgrades for the approaching model year include revised styling for all bikes, as well as select powertrain updates.

"At Zero Motorcycles, we've defined the electric motorcycle industry over the past 13 years by developing a diverse lineup that features the world's most power and energy dense EV tech," said Sam Paschel, CEO of Zero Motorcycles. "Having sold more electric motorcycles annually than all our competitors combined, we continue to be the driving force behind two-wheeled electrification. This is going to be a very exciting year for Zero Motorcycles."

Zero produces three different branches of consumer motorcycles: the DS, S and FX. Each features a short range, long-range, and high-performance model.

Zero DS motorcycles

Much of the focus for the 2019 revamp is placed on Zero's dual sport (DS) lineup. As the name implies, these motorcycles serve a dual purpose and can be used on and off road.

"Zero was founded with an emphasis on off-road and how electric powertrain technology can transform that riding experience. Whether bombing down a fire road or quietly weaving through a forest, Zero's dual sport line strips away noise and complication to redefine what a motorcycle can be," said Abe Askenazi, CTO of Zero Motorcycles. "In a word, effortless. Just you, two wheels, and a fist-full of always-there torque for wherever the road takes you."

To start, there's the entry-level DS ZF7.2. It's powered by a proprietary Z-Force 75-5 motor (46 hp, 78 ft-lb) paired with a 7.2 kWh battery. Horsepower is up 35% from the previous model year.

Moving up the ladder, we come to the longer range Zero DS ZF14.4. For 2019, the bike gets an upgraded 7.2 kWh battery that extends driving range by 10%, allowing it to travel up to 204 miles on a single charge. Like last year, the motor is a Z-Force 75-7 (60 hp, 81 ft-lb).

Finally, there's the ultra-powerful DSR. Like before, it's powered by a Z-Force 75-7R motor (70 hp, 116 lb-ft.).

Zero S motorcycles

Zero's street-oriented S lineup parallels that of its DS machines. The roster is similarly staggered with an entry-level S ZF7.2 and longer range ZF14.4. A top-performing Zero SR caps the lineup.

Changes to the road-bound S models are the same as those applied to the DS lineup: the S ZF7.2 gets a 35% increase in horsepower and the ZF14.4 receives a 10% increase in range. The workings of the SR remain virtually unchanged.

Zero FX motorcycles

For 2019, Zero's FX dirt bikes – the Zero FX ZF7.2 and the Zero FX ZF3.6 – both get an innovative Long Term Storage Mode. The feature is an industry first that automatically adjusts battery state of charge to improve longevity.

Powertrain options remain unchanged from the previous model year. A Z-Force 75-5 motor and quick-swap 7.2 kWh battery propel the smaller Zero FXS ZF3.6. It's big brother, the Zero FXS ZF7.2, also uses a 7.2 kWh battery but it's paired with an upgraded Z-Force 75-5 motor.

The premier off-road machine, the FXS, recieves the same Long Term Storage upgrade as the regular FX. It also gets the same powertrains. The main difference between the two tiers is the aluminum frame and long-travel suspension offered exclusively on the FXS.

New 6kW Charge Tank

To keep its motorcycles juiced up, Zero has introduced a backward-compatible version of its 6kW Charge Tank. The unit refuels up to six times faster than a standard wall outlet. It can add up to 85 miles of range in an hour when using a Level 2 charging station.

Source: Zero

Mia Bevacqua
Mia Bevacqua
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