New App From Porsche Helps Drivers Discover the Best Roads

New App From Porsche Helps Drivers Discover the Best Roads

Author: Eric Walz   

There are many trip planning smartphone apps that help travelers find the best hotel or other local attractions when traveling. However Porsche is taking this concept a little further. The German automaker has a new app called "Porsche Road Trip" that lets drivers discover the best roads for spirited driving, making the road itself a destination—a perfect place to put a Porsche vehicle through its paces.

The Road Trip app includes routes with great scenery and plenty of twist and turns for those driver's that want to experience the most out of driving their Porsches. The Porsche Road Trip app offers suggestions for trips of different lengths, ranging from a half or full day, through to a two-day-long journey with overnight stay options.

"Our goal is to support the emotional driving experience with digital solutions. With Porsche Road Trip, we're intelligently organizing trips for our customers, making them as eventful and comfortable as possible," comments Thilo Koslowski, CEO of Porsche Digital.

The curated routes also feature recommendations for selected restaurants and hotels for a little break from all of that driving. The service also points out stops along the way, at points of interest or lookout points (great selfie spots) en route.

After selecting a route in the Porsche Road Trip app, the customer can reserve or book restaurants and accommodation directly through the app. An individual itinerary is then produced for the trip, and the customer can save this with their individual Porsche ID after logging in.

While driving, the app-based navigation function accompanies the journey throughout. This means the app can be used in any vehicle, including classic Porsche models.

The service will also be available directly in the Porsche's built-in Infotainment system in the near future, starting with the new 911 in spring 2019.

Porsche Road Trip will initially contain scenic routes in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, as well as the United States. Porsche says that additional countries will be added in the future.

For spontaneous road trips, the customer can also use the route generator in the app to create customized routes that might take a little longer, but offer a more scenic drive. Once the compass direction and route length have been selected, the algorithm will calculate a route from a chosen starting point.

Porsche Road Trip is available for iOS now, free of charge from the App Store.

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Eric Walz
Eric Walz
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