American Power Products reveals new electric, zero-turn lawn mower

American Power Products reveals new electric, zero-turn lawn mower

Author: Mia Bevacqua   

All kinds of home improvement tools and equipment are going electric these days – and now it's the lawnmower's turn. American Power Products recently revealed its new Edge powered by a lithium-ion battery pack and electric motors.

American Power Products brings EV efficiency to consumer's backyards

The new, zero-turn Edge boasts some impressive features, such as auto-adaptive cruise control; a feature that's novel even on automobiles. A digital control panel and auto-sense controls, which adjust power as needed, are also on board. Both the battery and charger are included with the purchase of the mower.

Electrified lawn machines are catching on because they're low-maintenance, quiet and efficient. Plus, they're far better for the environment than traditional, internal combustion machines.

The side effects of traditional, internal combustion mowers 

Conventional gas-powered mowers are far more detrimental to the environment than one would expect. "About five percent of air pollution in the United States can be attributed to gas-powered mowers," says American Power Products.

The company continues: "The Environmental Protection Agency estimates Americans use around 800 million gallons of gasoline each year just to power gas lawnmowers. Using one gas mower for an hour produces the same emissions and air pollutants as roughly 11 cars in the same amount of time."

American Power Products also claims gas spills waste over 17 million gallons of fuel each year.

Is lawn care going zero-emissions?

Of course, the Edge isn't the only electric lawnmower on the market. Consumers can get electrification on both walk-behind and riding mowers these days. Riding options are limited, however, with only a few machines – including Ryobi, Cub Cadet and Troy-Bilt – currently available in the U.S. 

And that's too bad because electric mowers offer several benefits such as the following:

·         Eco-friendly: Electric mowers are zero-emissions and clean to operate. That means they're better for the       entire environment – including lawns.

·         Minimal maintenance: There are no spark plugs to replace; there's no oil to change – none of that.

·         No gasoline to store: Most people don't use their mower all year long, so it gets stored with flammable gasoline inside for long periods of time. With an electric machine, there's no storage, no fuel-related hazards and no mess.

·         Lower cost: According to Bob Vila, the home improvement expert, it costs between $5 and $10 to operate a walk-behind (not riding) electric mower per season. Meanwhile, gas walk-behind machines cost between $15 and $25 per season.

·         Low-noise operation: gas-powered Lawn mowers can be extremely noisy, which is why many cities don't allow operation before a certain time of day. But with an electric machine, operation is nearly silent, allowing for work at all hours.

So, how much will it cost to go all-electric this Spring with an American Power Products Edge mower? The company's website lists the machine at $3,999. While that price may be a little more than the average gas-powered rider, it's not out of the ballpark.

Right now, deposits ($250) are being taken for the Edge with plans for a March/April delivery.

Sources: American Power Products, Bob Vila, Today's Mower

Mia Bevacqua
Mia Bevacqua
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