Amazon Unleashes In-car Delivery Service to Ford and Lincoln Vehicles

Amazon Unleashes In-car Delivery Service to Ford and Lincoln Vehicles

Author: Michael Cheng   

Amazon is making big moves in the connected-car space. The online retail business announced the expansion of its in-car delivery service, which now serves owners of Ford and Lincoln vehicles.

Deliveries to qualified vehicles are provided at no extra charge for Amazon Prime members. However, there are several things to consider about the service. To receive in-car deliveries, customers enrolled in Amazon Prime must be driving a Ford or Lincoln vehicle (2017 or newer). Furthermore, the vehicles should be equipped with FordPass Connect or Lincoln Way – the carmaker's auto cloud platform.

Ultimately, the service is recommended for people with busy lifestyles, as it would allow them to receive packages in office parking lots, driveways, commercial locations, public areas and more.

How Does it Work?

Before requesting for an in-car delivery, individuals need to provide access to their vehicles to Amazon, via the mobile app (Amazon Key). Through Amazon Key, people could also have packages delivered inside their home or garage, by providing the courier with remote access to the house.

To prevent theft, unlocking the door of a home or car by a courier requires a lengthy, cloud-based verification process. Such criteria include the following: type of vehicle, location of delivery and Amazon account associated with the transaction. All data must align before the unlock command is pushed out. After delivery, the door is locked through the app.

"It basically turns your car into a mobile package locker," explained a spokeswoman from Amazon in an email.

"As long as you're parked in a publicly accessible place, your Amazon delivery driver will bring the package right to you. No more worrying that your package will get wet sitting outside or go missing from your building's mailroom."

If the package exceeds 50 pounds, additional handling is needed. Packages smaller than 26" x 21" x 16" do not require a signature. Individuals should also be residing within Amazon's service area to request for deliveries. When placing an order for in-car delivery, customers can choose from same-day, two-day or standard shipping. The actual delivery is conducted within a 4-hour window on the selected day. Real-time notifications about the status and location of the package are issued to customers during the transaction.

Expanding In-car Delivery Services

At the moment, such delivery options are available in 50 major cities across the US. Car manufacturers are thinking outside the box, in order to expand their connected-car platforms. Incorporating in-car delivery services is one of many ways auto brands could win over customers and ensure long-term loyalty.

"In-car delivery gives customers that same peace of mind and allows them to take the Amazon experience with them. And, with no additional hardware or devices required, customers can start ordering in-car delivery today," cited Peter Larsen, Vice President of Delivery Technology at Amazon.

Before Ford and Lincoln, Amazon's in-car deliveries were limited to owners of Volvo, General Motors, Chevrolet, Buick and Cadillac vehicles. Public trials involving the service, which were conducted in California and Washington, received positive feedback from participants.

Michael Cheng
Michael Cheng
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