EV Startup Bolt Mobility Introduces its Two-Seater Bolt Nano

EV Startup Bolt Mobility Introduces its Two-Seater Bolt Nano

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Miami, Florida-based Bolt Mobility, unveiled its new Bolt Nano on Thursday. The Nano is Bolt's first two-passenger electric vehicle, which joins the company's fleet of e-scooters including the Bolt Original, the Bolt One and the Bolt Chariot.

The fully-electric Bolt Nano is a four-wheeled "e-car" that commuters or city dwellers can utilize on days when it raining, have extra baggage or when traveling with a companion. It is safe and nimble with high side impact safety standards and a spacious interior for passengers and their luggage.

The company's co-founder is Olympic sprinter Usain Bolt, who serves as brand ambassador along with Sarah Haynes, co-CEO of Bolt Mobility. Bolt Mobility operates throughout the United States and Europe with dozens more markets launching in the coming months.

"I've been to New York, London, Paris and one thing I've noticed is that we all complain about traffic." Usain Bolt told CNN's Anna Stewart in an interview.

To combat this problem, the eight-time Olympic champion came up with a practical and environmentally friendly solution—an electric scooter called the Bolt, which was the first product launched by the startup company last year.

However, the Bolt entered into a growing and competitive market of electric scooter companies operating in urban areas including Lime, Bird, Skip and Spin, which are all vying to market share for last mile trips in urban areas.

The Bolt Nano is designed as an alternative to an electric scooter and supplements the company's e-scooter offerings. The zero-emissions Nano offers a more "car like" ride while keeping riders dry in inclimate weather and providing additional space for another passenger and some extra gear.

"Through its portfolio of micro-mobility products, Bolt Mobility fulfills the dream that many of us share to operate in a world where our vehicles will fit perfectly into the fabric of our urban environments while respecting the air we breathe," said Usain Bolt, co-founder and global ambassador of the company.


The Bolt Nano

The Bolt Nano is small enough to drive through a doorway, its compact, state-of-the-art frame empowers drivers to safely maneuver through traffic like a bicyclist, and the Bolt's compact size makes it easy to park in congested areas.

Four Bolt Nano's can fit in one regular-sized parking space. It's is the first of its kind to implement swappable batteries increasing its lifespan and reducing cities' carbon footprint.

"Bolt Mobility's mission is to provide innovative mobility solutions that have a concrete and real impact in reducing urban congestion and the environmental footprint of our travel" explains Sarah Haynes, co-founder, co-CEO and president of Bolt Mobility. "Bolt Nano is fully in line with this dynamic".

Commuters can access Bolt Mobility's technology enabled app that lets commuters easily find and ride one of the company's vehicles.

The smartphone app will also offer insight on the most optimal routes to take and point out interesting destinations along the way. In addition, the Bolt platform enables riders to save money by sharing the costs between the two passengers.

With the Bolt, there is no burden or expense of owning a car or having to rely on public transportation.

Bolt hasn't revealed any specs or pricing of the Bolt Nano, but says the compact e-car will be available in late 2020. The company is currently taking $999 pre-reservations for the Nano on its website.

FutureCar Staff
FutureCar Staff
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