Driverless Software Startup Immense Simulations Receives $4.6 Million in Series A Funding

Driverless Software Startup Immense Simulations Receives $4.6 Million in Series A Funding

Author: Michael Cheng   

In making city transport services and autonomous vehicles more efficient, virtual cities are able to provide eye-opening insights about locations, behavior of pedestrians and operational flow. Immense Simulations, a startup that creates simulations of major cities across the globe, is pioneering such services in the intelligent mobility sector. 

The software company recently completed a Series A funding round, wherein it raised $4.6 million. Immense Simulations is very active in the autonomous-driving industry, as its services can be used to test traffic conditions via cloud-hosted simulation platforms. The business has collaborated with Ford, Jaguar Land Rover and Bosch on various automotive research programs in the past.

Series A Financing Round

The startup's Series A round was led by Amadeus Capital Partners. The British venture capital firm has backed several startups that specialize connected technologies, such as Nomad Digital, Solarflare Communications and PolyAI. Other investors that participated in Immense Simulation's financing event include 31Ventures and Global Brain Corporation.

Immense Simulations was founded in 2016. The startup employs a team of 24 specialists and engineers at a branch office in Silicon Valley. With newly acquired funds, the business will continue to expand its operations and staff.

"With the backing of investors such as Amadeus with expertise in the mobility software sector, and the international perspective of Global Brain, we can capture the growing market for intelligent transport solutions," highlighted Robin North, Co-founder and CEO of the startup.

As mentioned previously, the startup's focus involves the creation of highly detailed, virtual cities. The simulations are specifically built for establishments in the auto sector, from driverless companies to city transport authorities. For mobility service providers, the startup's products can help improve efficiency and demand during deployment. The company has recreated the following cities for public demonstrations: Chicago, San Francisco, London, Manchester, Oxford, Cambridge and Montreal.

Interactive, Virtual Cities

The startup has completed several projects that directly showcase its offerings and potential in the intelligent mobility space. For a project with the City of Barcelona and infrastructure giant Ferrovial, it developed a simulation to support last-mile delivery services. It also partnered with Addison Lee, a private automotive fleet operator based in the UK. The company leverages more than 4,000 vehicles in its fleet and conducts roughly 20,000 transactions per day.

In the US, Immense Simulations provides its services for various car manufacturers and auto businesses developing driverless cars. At the moment, the company is unable to name its partners due to ongoing non-disclosure agreements.

"We've reached an inflexion point for transport technology, with machine learning and simulation software providing radical new opportunities for planners and providers," said Amelia Armour, Principal at Amadeus Capital Partners.

"By testing and simulating traffic, public agencies can plan and manage road use more effectively, allowing them to mitigate delays and reduce travel time."

Ultimately, Immense Simulation's products are valuable in helping urban planners, mobility providers and transport groups enhance transportation-related projects, making them more seamless for local residents. The startup was originally part of the UK's Catapult program before it entered the intelligent mobility sector.

Michael Cheng
Michael Cheng
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