HERE Technologies Making it Easier for Drivers to Navigate with New Partnership

HERE Technologies Making it Easier for Drivers to Navigate with New Partnership

Author: FutureCar Staff    

Internet-connected cars will offer more features for drivers, such as live traffic, weather reports, new infotainment options for passengers and live HD maps send directly to the vehicle via the cloud.

A new partnership was announced today between industry leading mapping and location platform service provider HERE Technologies and Total Traffic & Weather Network (TTWN), the largest provider of traffic, weather, news and sports reports.

The partnership will offer drivers another way to help avoid traffic, by incorporating precise real-time traffic information from TTWN in location services provided by HERE.

HERE Technologies is owned by a consortium of carmakers BMW, Audi and Daimler. The automakers are working together on HD maps, which are detailed enough to provide autonomous cars with the data required for real-time navigation. HD maps are always kept updated by collecting real-world data (including traffic data) from drivers.

TTWN operates the largest traffic data gathering network in North America, employing over 800 local traffic reporters, in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

The company offers live traffic reports, as well as weather and news to local media outlets so they can better provide up-to-the-minute traffic updates to commuters in major metro areas. TTWN delivers real-time traffic data to over 2,400 radio and 200 television affiliates, ten automakers and Internet and mobile partners, reaching more than 196-million consumers and 98% of American commuters monthly.

"TTWN is a critical ‘go-to' resource for traffic updates and we're honored to be chosen as their provider of traffic solutions."  said Charity Rumery, Senior Director & Head of Automotive & Industrial Solutions at HERE.


TTWN Will Utilize HERE's Traffic APIs

TTWN will use HERE's Traffic TMC tables to help power its traffic reporting. The Traffic API offered by HERE allows third party developers to obtain pre-rendered map tiles that reflect precise, real-time traffic conditions. Each "tile" provided by HERE consists of a PNG overlay that uses lines and different colors to indicate how freely traffic flows in the corresponding geographic area.

TTWN will use HERE's TMC tables to accurately pinpoint incidents, event and flow data for their traffic websites, traffic applications, and automotive navigation. This will enable all TTWN partners to access best-in-class traffic data and precise locations of traffic events, so drivers are aware of real-time road conditions.

"Millions of commuters as well as hundreds of our radio, TV and automotive partners depend on TTWN every day for traffic information." said Kevin Loftus, SVP of Operations at TTWN.

"HERE is an accomplished leader in mapping and location data, and we are excited to incorporate their resources to deliver TTWN partners with the most accurate, trusted and reliable traffic information available." he added.

The combined data will be available across multiple platforms including radio, television, automotive, online and mobile.

Last September, HERE announced its Traffic Dashboard, an interactive online tool that accurately visualizes real-time and anticipated congestion levels throughout the day in more than 180 cities across the world.

The HERE Traffic Dashboard shows how far people can expect to go from a city's center within 5, 10, 15 or 20 minutes based on traffic conditions at a specific time during the day.

FutureCar Staff
FutureCar Staff
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