Porsche Forecasts EVs Going Mainstream

Porsche Forecasts EVs Going Mainstream

Author: Michael Cheng   

Electrification is slowly engulfing the automotive industry. Many traditional car manufacturers, including General Motors, BMW and Nissan, have praised the technology, citing its sustainable and clean benefits. 

Luxury auto brand Porsche is the latest company to share insights on EVs. Surprisingly, although it is widely known for building powerful sports cars with internal combustion engines, the business views electrification trends to be inevitable. Such bullish predictions surfaced from an eye-opening op-ed published by USA Today. Based on Porsche's current plans, it seems the establishment is slowly warming up to the electrification era.

EV Demand in North America

For the North America market, Porsche forecasts steady growth in EV demand. Increased availability of EV charging hubs, better battery performance and wider selection of EVs have all contributed to this trend. Moreover, the promise of a new, seamless experience has made numerous individuals curious about owning electrified cars. Porsche cited that Tesla was one of the first establishments to prove healthy demand for EVs in the US. For many active auto manufacturers, this confirmation has reduced risks associated with investing in electrified technology.

"Let's be clear: We believe EVs will quickly become commonplace in the U.S. new car fleet, not that they will fully displace internal combustion engines," said Klaus Zellmer, CEO of Porsche Cars North America.

As Zellmer highlighted, the company does not foresee EVs replacing gas-powered vehicles in the near term. Instead, the Porsche leader hints at a transitional phase, wherein EVs and vehicles running on internal combustion engines coexist. This phase will also host the installation of large-scale electric charging networks. In the op-ed, Zellmer reinforced the company's plans to support projects that expand EV infrastructure.

Promoting Next-generation Vehicles

Porsche confirmed that consumers are starting to show interest in the company's EVs. The business is focused on launching the Taycan electric sedan in showrooms by the end of this year (final production model). So far, feedback surrounding the release has been largely positive. According to Porsche, interest for the EV is expected to match the number of units to be delivered to the US until the end of 2020. A large number of reservation holders for the Taycan are owners of the Porsche 911 – the car brand's flagship vehicle.

The highly anticipated EV will be offered in three variants, ranging from an 80 kWh battery to a 96 kWh battery (Taycan Turbo). Porsche could also be making a version specifically designed for track driving.

"Frankly, EVs are fun to drive. Electric motors provide instant torque for quick acceleration, and the lower center of gravity from battery packs will reinforce the sporty feeling. So don't be surprised when all of this truly catches on in the near future," added Zellmer.

"As more Americans experience the instant power and sporty handling that electric cars provide, more will want this new generation of electric vehicles."

In order to capitalize on this developing trend, the automaker clarified it will launch an electric version of the Macan compact SUV. The vehicle is currently the company's best-selling model.

Michael Cheng
Michael Cheng
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