Ford Smart Mobility Subsidiary Autonomic Announces Partnership with Compact EV Maker Ayro Inc

Ford Smart Mobility Subsidiary Autonomic Announces Partnership with Compact EV Maker Ayro Inc

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Soon the electric scooters and e-bikes that popping up in cities throughout the world might be joined by fleets of compact electric vehicles that are more nimble, economical and convenient in urban centers.

Autonomic, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ford Smart Mobility announces a strategic partnership with Ayro, Inc. a designer and manufacturer of emissions-free, electric light-duty vehicles for commercial and consumer markets. 

Texas-based Ayro, Inc. designs and builds compact, emissions-free electric vehicles for urban and short-haul markets. The company was founded in 2017 by entrepreneurs, investors, and executives with a passion to create sustainable urban electric vehicle solution for cities. 

The tiny electric, zero-emissions vehicles are an ideal mobility solution for urban centers. There is a growing demand for efficient and sustainable transportation solutions, such as electric scooters and e-bikes, and the need for alternative mobility modes to help alleviate traffic and pollution in cities. 

"Our vehicles address a multitude of end user needs and use case possibilities for city government and utilities, universities, business campuses, resorts, retirement and gated community residents, and on-demand, last mile delivery." said CEO Rod Keller, describing the company's vehicles in June.


Ayro's compact, zero-emissions EVs are ideal for mobility services in urban areas.

Autonomic says it's the first major partnership between a cloud platform and a maker of electric vehicles. The companies will work together to develop a range of services to enable mobility applications specifically tailored for Ayro's line of tiny electric vehicles. The vehicle might one day be used for last mile delivery services, with a commercial ride-hailing service, or just personal transportation as an alternative to cars.

Autonomic, which is headquartered in Silicon Valley, is best known for creating its "Transportation Mobility Cloud" (TMC). The company's TMC is a platform that processes connected vehicle data in real-time, while providing a bidirectional connectivity between vehicles and applications. Autonomic's APIs support the rapid development of mobility services and applications, such as ride-sharing or ride-hailing services.

Autonomic is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ford Smart Mobility LLC is looking to transform how people move around cities. The TMC gives automakers and developers a way to build customized customer experiences for connected vehicles. 

By partnering with Autonomic, Ayro vehicle's will seamlessly integrate with fleet telematics software that enables transportation businesses to operate fleets of tiny EVs more efficiently.

"At Autonomic, we designed our platform to accelerate the progress of connected vehicles and it's a privilege to work with Ayro, one of the most visionary EV companies on the market," said Gavin Sherry, co-founder and CEO of Autonomic. "Already, they're poised for incredible growth and our Transportation Mobility Cloud will accelerate that."

Ayro will supply its clean-energy vehicles to businesses and fleet operators, including the soon-to-be launched AYRO 311x, which has a range of up to 85 miles and can recharge with either a 240V outlet within up to 3.5 hours or a standard 110V (20A) outlet within up to 6 to 8 hours. 

The vehicle can easily be managed by fleet operators using Autonomic's TMC platform. Ayro is leveraging Autonomic's TMC to create new applications and services which include two-way data and telematic exchanges for Ayro's fleet customers and individual users. 

Autonomic also provides Geo-location tools for its business partners, restaurants and shops, so they can track the vehicles' location. Autonomic's TMC can also be used to monitor utilization rates, deployment efficiency, vehicle performance and remote diagnostics for fleet operators.

"We're excited to partner with the Autonomic team to develop custom apps and services that will maximize our fleet owners' management abilities along with a unique user experience," said Rod Keller, Ayro, Inc. CEO. "Autonomic's experience with cloud-based transportation applications is a tremendous asset for Ayro as we develop the finest user experiences for our customers."

This news comes after Autonomic's multi-year, global agreement with Amazon Web Services (AWS). Autonomic's TMC harnesses the powerful computing resources and data management of AWS to expand the availability of cloud connectivity services and connected car application development services for the transportation industry.

FutureCar Staff
FutureCar Staff
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