Samsung's Latest AR Glasses Patent Can Act as a Constant HUD

Samsung's Latest AR Glasses Patent Can Act as a Constant HUD

Author: Vineeth Joel Patel   

Technology continues to evolve. It wasn't too long when head-up displays were innovative things reserved for expensive, high-end machines. Now, they're found on everything from affordable, compact sedans to high-performance sports cars. Samsung's latest patent that was filed recently in South Korea envisions a different approach to giving drivers crucial information.

Bringing AR To Glasses

As CNET reports, Samsung's latest patent involves a pair of glasses with augmented reality (AR) to act as a full-time head-up display. The AR aspect of the glasses means they'll be able to provide drivers with a real-life view of their surroundings to get a better idea of exactly where they need to go. The new Mercedes-Benz GLB-Class is one of the few vehicles on the market that has a navigation system with AR and it's incredibly helpful. Instead of a crappy map, you get an actual image of what's ahead with turn-by-turn directions right on top of the image.

While current cars provide AR on the infotainment system or in the instrument cluster, Samsung's glasses provide them directly in front of the driver's eyes. Head-up displays are slightly more helpful than AR navigation systems in the instrument cluster, because you don't have to look down from the road ahead. Instead, you can continue to keep your eyes on the road while getting vital information. Glasses that drivers could wear would make it even easier to keep your eyes on the road, since the information would be provided in a more accessible way.

Unlike with a head-up display and AR navigation in the instrument cluster, glasses would allow drivers to turn their head, while continuing to be able to see information on the vehicle's speed, possible information on safety, and navigation. That's a huge benefit.

More Than Just Navigation

CNET claims that the glasses will utilize a camera to see the road ahead. The camera would then provide a driver with images of what's ahead and place crucial information on top of the live video. It almost sounds like a Tony Stark headset for drivers to wear.

Samsung doesn't just want to keep the glasses as a fancy navigation system. The outlet claims that Samsung could add more helpful features. Looking at a gas station would automatically bring up gas prices so you don't have to squint your eyes and do a crazy maneuverer to try to switch lanes to see them on your own.

Additional information could further be portrayed on the glasses, too, depending on what the driver looks at. If the glasses ever made it to market, we're sure Samsung would offer some kind of customization for drivers to be able to choose what kind of information they'd want to see.

While this is just a patent, it's a cool look at what could come with cars in the future. Samsung isn't alone in researching ways to implement AR in cars. Apple filed a patent for AR back in 2018 to enhance driver safety.

Vineeth Joel Patel
Vineeth Joel Patel
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