Bosch & Microsoft to Work Together on a Vehicle Software Platform That Supports OTA Updates

Bosch & Microsoft to Work Together on a Vehicle Software Platform That Supports OTA Updates

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German automotive supplier Bosch said on Thursday that it will work with Microsoft on the development of a software platform for vehicles that support over-the-air updates.

As modern vehicles become more like computers on wheels with electrical systems replacing mechanical ones, suppliers are preparing for an increase in demand for electromechanical components that support advanced driver assist systems (ADAS), automated driving and 5G connectivity. 

The partnership is the latest is a series of high-profile partnerships in the auto industry, as automakers turn to established tech companies to jump start the development of vehicle systems that are software based.

The partnership will also give Microsoft a foothold in the growing global market.

The focus of the two companies will be on cloud-computing, allowing vehicles to receive lifetime software updates via over-the-air updates.  will enable software to be developed and downloaded to the Bosch control units and vehicle computers using Microsoft's Azure cloud platform.

"We are thus creating the conditions for wireless updates to work just as smoothly and conveniently on vehicles as they do on smartphones," Bosch Managing Director Markus Heyn said to Reuters.

The companies will also cooperate to adapt existing software tools to let automakers and suppliers to simplify and accelerate their own software updates. For drivers, the platform will offer drivers the ability to add new features and digital services as they are developed, so their vehicles are always up to date.

Last week, German carmaker Volkswagen AG announced a cooperation with Microsoft to use its cloud computing services to help it streamline its software development efforts.

The cloud computing infrastructure built by Microsoft will help Volkswagen consolidate all of its software development work. It will also help the automaker develop new software more efficiently, allowing the automaker to test and deploy it to vehicles more quickly.

Last year, Mercedes-Benz announced a similar partnership with chipmaker Nvidia on a software-based vehicle operating system.

The partnership between Mercedes and NVIDIA will also offer owners the ability to add new software to their vehicles, keeping them always up to date with new features as they are introduced, including software that supports higher levels of automated driving.

The advanced software-based vehicle architecture will be introduced beginning with 2024 model year vehicles, eventually rolling out to the entire Mercedes Benz fleet globally. 

The latest collaboration between Bosch and Microsoft combines the strengths of both companies in software engineering, cloud-computing and vehicle electronics. 

Bosch said that it plans to use the software platform in vehicle prototypes by the end of 2021.

FutureCar Staff
FutureCar Staff
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