DSP Concepts Announces TalkTogether Audio Software, Which Improves the Quality of Human-to Human Communication

DSP Concepts Announces TalkTogether Audio Software, Which Improves the Quality of Human-to Human Communication

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Silicon Valley-based company DSP Concepts, a company specializing in audio signal processing and audio algorithms, announced the launch of a new product called "TalkTogether", which is a highly scalable and fully-integrated audio software solution that improves human-to-human voice communications.

TalkTogether improves how well microphones in human-to-human communications "hear" a person's voice, by cleaning up the audio signal and removing unwanted background noise. It enhances both near field to far field voice communications while allowing developers to create crystal clear voice playback.

TalkTogether brings natural, full-duplex, person-to-person voice communication to the DSP Concepts Audio Weaver platform, which is used for designing and deploying voice on personal, workplace, gaming, and public communications devices. 

Combined with the company's TalkTo for human-to-machine communication, DSP Concepts' TalkTogether provides developers with a full suite of easily deployed solutions to deliver clear speech in noisy environments, even when multiple people are speaking at the same time.

The enhanced audio processing of TalkTogether makes its easier for developers and users of human-to-human voice communication hardware, allowing users to better detect speech by filtering out unwanted background noises by fine tuning the audio signal for enhanced clarity.

TalkTogether will be available on DSP Concepts' Audio Weaver development platform. It allows for natural, full-duplex voice features to be deployed in Audio Weaver projects.

DSP's Audio Weaver platform is designed to help developers streamline the audio development process with 500 modules available for processing audio. It also allows automakers and hardware developers to create custom sounds for their vehicles and devices.

"The core mission of Audio Weaver has always been to give product makers a trusted framework that simplifies and accelerates every step of the audio design process so that engineers can focus on innovation, and TalkTogether is a natural extension of that mission," said Paul Beckmann, CTO of DSP Concepts.


In the auto industry, the new Mercedes Benz MBUX platform supports voice commands for many vehicle controls. As a result, there is a growing need for solutions for robust audio processing capabilities for both human-to-machine and human-to-human communications, which includes improving how well devices deliver clear and noise-free voice playback.

Talk Together addresses common audio problems, such as acoustic echoes, speaker distortions, and background noises, all of which can inhibit voice interactions. 

The primary components of TalkTogether are microphone arrays, direction of arrival (DoA), beamforming, voice activity detection (VAD), noise reduction, reverb elimination, acoustic echo cancellation (AEC) and the reduction of external noises so people can better communicate with others over IoT devices.

The technology is especially helpful in environments with loud background noise, which can make its harder for microphones to pick up a person's voice and identify what they are saying. 

The intelligent software guarantees reliable voice control even at significant ambient noise levels, so that voice communications deliver and return clear and noise free speech.

TalkTogether also addresses common problems with any smart IoT products that use microphones for "listening" or playing back human voices, such as in online meetings where multiple participants are speaking at once.

The flexibility of TalkTogether can be integrated with any personal, gaming, work, or public communications device, the company says. It offers superior noise reduction for both indoor and outdoor environments, including wind noise reduction, double talk, music playback and device noise cancellation. 

"Whether you're designing a smart exercise machine that lets people talk to their friends, or a sound bar that delivers clear, long-range voice for Zoom meetings and Xbox gaming sessions, the power and value of voice has never been more evident," said Chin Beckmann, CEO of DSP Concepts.

DSP's Audio Weaver software is currently used in over 50 million devices within the automotive and consumer goods industry. It was used by engineers at Porsche to create the signature sounds for the new electric Porsche Taycan sedan.

For the battery-powered Taycan, Porsche engineers wanted to recreate the unmistakable exhaust note and engine growl for Porsche's gas-powered vehicles. For this, the automaker chose DSP's Audio Weaver software, which was used to create the signature sounds of the Taycan. These enhanced sounds provide audible feedback for drivers, such as when the accelerator is floored, so a driver feels more connected to the car.

Porsche purchased a stake in DSP Concepts in Feb 2020. The venture capital arm of the automaker participated in the company's $14.5 million Series B round.

In Dec 2020, DSP Concepts announced another investment from the SUBARU-SBI Innovation Fund, a joint venture between automaker Subaru and Japan's SBI Investment Co that invests in promising companies and startups.

With the company's latest investments, DSP Concepts to date has raised a total of $28.4 million for its digital signal processing audio solutions.

DSP Concepts is headquartered in Santa Clara, Calif, with additional offices in Boston, Stuttgart, Detroit, Tokyo, Taiwan, Korea and France.

FutureCar Staff
FutureCar Staff
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