German Vehicle Tuner Manhart Performance Reveals the 543 HP Tesla Model 3, its First EV Project

German Vehicle Tuner Manhart Performance Reveals the 543 HP Tesla Model 3, its First EV Project

Author: Manish Kharinta   

Manhart Performance's vehicle modifications have been adored by enthusiasts around the world for over three decades. But up until now, the German vehicle tuner has refrained from dabbling in the electric car segment. Now company has decided to explore the new frontier and released a special Manhart tuned version of Tesla's Model 3 Performance.

First off, the Tesla Model 3 Performance is no slouch to begin with. It comes with a dual-motor powertrain and produces 430 horsepower. Tesla's Model 3 Performance takes just 3.1 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 60 MPH, which makes it one of the fastest four-door sedans in the market right now. 

But Manhart Performance managed to push the limits of the Model 3 Performance even more while retaining Tesla's factory-installed dual-motor all-wheel-drive setup. The company calls its Tesla Model 3 modification the "TM3 720." 

The name is a reference to the improved power output of the dual-motor powertrain. More specifically, it is a nod to boosting the Model 3 Performance torque figures to 531 lb-ft, which roughly translates to around 720 Nm. Manhart's upgrade also bumped the Model 3's power output to 543 HP.

Considering the extra power boost, TM3 720 is much more powerful than the stock version. 


Manhart also retained the Model 3's 82-kWh lithium-ion battery pack. The extra boost in power comes from Manhart's MHTronik Powerbox control unit, which was initially developed to improve the performance of BMW vehicles. The Powerbox control unit is installed between the engine's ECU and vehicle sensors.

Apart from the boosted power and performance figures, TM3 720's suspension has been lowered with the help of H&R springs. Manhart claims it greatly improves the car's handling characteristics. The company also updated the Tesla Model 3's brake setup. 

In addition to the powertrain and suspension upgrades, The TM3 720 also gets several cosmetic details to make its stand out.

One of the most prominent additions to the front-end is a painted-on faux grille. Manhart decided it would be a good idea to add a honeycomb design to the front-end to make its look more like a traditional car, which is quite a controversial styling choice.

Manhart's TM3 720 has also been fitted with 21-inch Barracuda wheels that sport a platinum finish and complement the car's custom metallic black paint job. The Manhart Tesla Model 3 Performance also gets tinted windows and a carbon-fiber bumper extension. 

The bodywork also gets a red and gray racing stripe. Contrasting red accents are also found on the hood, the sides, and the trunk. The mirrors flaunt the red stripes as well. 

The Tesla Model 3's minimalist interior has also been updated with an all-leather treatment. 

Manhart's modifications make the Tesla Model 3 even more powerful than before. However, none of this comes cheap. 

Manhart's TM3 720 costs $88,768 (€74,900), which includes the cost of the donor Model 3 Performance.

Manish Kharinta
Manish Kharinta
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