Mapping Company HERE Technologies to Offer its Location Services Combined With Real-Time Data From Goodyear Tire Monitoring Sensors to Support Fleets

Mapping Company HERE Technologies to Offer its Location Services Combined With Real-Time Data From Goodyear Tire Monitoring Sensors to Support Fleets

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Mapping company HERE Technologies, which operates one of the world's leading location data and technology platforms, announced that its map location services are being integrated with Goodyear Total Mobility, the Ohio-based tire company's fleet management solution.

The Goodyear Total Mobility service offers fleets real-time tire monitoring, intelligent analysis and customized reports so fleet operators can monitor tire health and keep their vehicles on the road by preventing tire damage that can leave a vehicle and driver stranded on the side of the road.

As part of the partnership with Goodyear, HERE Technologies will combine data collected from Goodyear's Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) with its highly precise location and mapping services. 

The HERE location services are being rolled out to Goodyear fleet customers in Europe. 

With HERE highly precise GPS technology, fleet operators and Goodyear service providers can localize a vehicle in need of tire service or road assistance within a few meters, or help the driver navigate to a nearby service station based on their current location.

"We are proud to be working with one of the world's leading tire manufacturers and mobility providers. By integrating our advanced data and location services into Goodyear's easy-to-use solutions, we contribute to building a safer, more efficient and cleaner world," said Gino Ferru, General Manager EMEAR and Senior Vice President at HERE Technologies.

Goodyear's TPMS is an advanced sensor and predictive algorithm solution that helps fleets avoid up to 90% of tire-related breakdowns, according to the company. Its used to monitor a tire's pressure, temperature and GPS location remotely using a sensor mounted on the inside of the wheel. The tire data is sent to the "Goodyear Mobility Cloud" for analysis and tire alerts are instantly sent to a desktop or mobile device.

The real-time tire data is used to notify fleet operators that a tire on a vehicle requires proactive service that can lead to a flat, which will strand a vehicle on the side of the road and result in unproductive down time to have a tire replaced.

If a problem is detected such as low air pressure which can cause overheating and damage to a tire, fleet managers or the driver can be notified of the condition before it leads to a breakdown. If a fleet vehicle happens to get a flat tire and is disabled on the side of the road, HERE's location data can also be used by mobile service crews to find the vehicle's precise location.

"HERE location technology is bringing clear added value to our Goodyear Total Mobility customers. In the daily fleet operations, every minute counts and being able to locate a vehicle in a timely and precise manner is key to minimizing downtime," said Grégory Boucharlat, Vice President for Commercial Europe at Goodyear. "In case of a service need, this can be managed in a user-friendly manner – via a mobile application for both drivers and dispatchers. Working with HERE allows us to offer state-of-the art data solutions that drive efficient and sustainable results." 

The location services are delivered by the HERE (Software Development Kit) SDK, which is a set of programming interfaces that provides access to the portfolio of available HERE services, such as in-vehicle navigation, traffic alerts, transit information and fleet management features. 

The HERE SDK mapping, routing and search functions incorporate truck specific road information, vehicle regulations and points of interest. HERE Routing also enables fleet managers to deliver optimized routes for trucks. Goodyear has been using the HERE SDK to provide a mobile application for commercial drivers.

Mapping company HERE Technologies is owned by a consortium of German automakers that includes Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi, as well as Tier-1 auto industry suppliers Bosch and Continental.

FutureCar Staff
FutureCar Staff
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