Electric Truck Maker Rivian Opens the First Fast Chargers in Colorado for its Nationwide ‘Adventure Network'

Electric Truck Maker Rivian Opens the First Fast Chargers in Colorado for its Nationwide ‘Adventure Network'

Author: Eric Walz   

Electric truck maker Rivian has opened the first three fast charging sites this week in Colorado and California that will be part of its nationwide Rivian Adventure Network of EV chargers.

The Level 3 DC fast charging sites will initially provide over 200 kilowatts of power, allowing Rivian drivers to add as much as 140 miles of range in just 20 minutes. 

Rivian is building out a nationwide network of EV chargers, many of which will be located near national parks and outdoor recreation destinations to support Rivian's adventure-seeking customers that want to take their electric trucks on camping trips or on other outdoor excursions.

The locations include state parks and trailheads, where EV charging infrastructure has been typically absent. 

The first Rivian Adventure Network site in Salida, Colorado opened to the public on Monday, June 27 with four chargers. One of the four chargers  includes a unique pull-through design, which can accommodate Rivian vehicles towing trailers. 

The site in Colorado also includes four "Level 2" Rivian Waypoints chargers, which are compatible with any brand of EV and just for not just Rivian vehicles using Rivina's smartphone app. Rivian's Waypoint chargers are equipped with a standard J1772 plug, suitable for all electric vehicles, including of course Rivian's R1T pickup and R1S SUV.

Rivian says that the chargers in Salida are in an ideal location, since they are nearby recreational opportunities.

The second and third Adventure Network fast charging sites in the California cities of Inyokern and Bishop are slated to open on June 28 and 29. The California sites are near popular outdoor destinations, including Yosemite National Park, Sequoia National Forest, Mammoth Lakes, and Death Valley National Park.

"We designed Rivian charging to support electrified adventure, and these first sites demonstrate how we're enabling drivers to responsibly reach some of the nation's most breathtaking natural spaces," said Trent Warnke, Rivian's Senior Director of Energy and Charging Solutions. "In addition to scenic or off-the-beaten-path destinations, our fast charging rollout is designed to ensure travelers have places to charge along major transportation corridors coast to coast."

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A map of Rivian's planned Adventure Network in the U.S.

As part of Rivian's plans to reduce environmental impact with its electric trucks, the company said its matching charging on Rivian Adventure Network and Waypoints chargers with 100% renewable energy on an annual basis. 

Rivian is also engaging directly with clean energy developers and operators to promote contributions to a cleaner grid using renewable energy when drivers plug in. 

To support this green charging initiative, Rivian is building a portfolio of renewable energy projects around the country that balance technologies, location, and energy solutions. The plans are part of Rivian's company-wide sustainability strategy toward net-zero carbon emissions.

Rivian will continue to open new chargers as the company expands the EV charging Adventure Network. The initial goal is to have 3,500 fast chargers distributed across 600 sites in North America.

In May, Rivian announced a project with the state of Michigan to install chargers at state parks and a state fish hatchery in Michigan over the next few years.

Last month, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer was joined by Rivian, state and local officials and representatives from Adopt a Charger near the beaches of Lake Michigan at Holland State Park to celebrate the first opening of approximately 15 of the electric vehicle charging sites which will be installed at Michigan state parks

An estimated total of 30 Rivian Waypoint chargers are scheduled to be installed as part of the first phase of the project with the next installations beginning this summer and continuing through the end of the year. The first two Rivian Waypoints chargers were unveiled at a 142-acre state park in Ottawa County west of Grand Rapids.

To prepare Rivian customers looking to hit the trails in Michigan and in other states, Rivian recently announced a partnership with Utah-based non-profit organization "Tread Lightly!", which is working to promote responsible outdoor recreation through stewardship. 

The two companies are partnering to put trail stewardship at the center of the Rivian off-roading experience. The companies are working in collaboration to demonstrate how to "off-road responsibly" in an electric vehicle.

Eric Walz
Eric Walz
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